The One Thing

In my Time Management course, I share a metric tonne of ideas that save time through:
  • improved communication
  • effective prioritisation
  • enhanced organisation
  • refined processes
Near the end, I'll often ask the attendees to reflect on the different tips, tricks and techniques we've covered. I challenge them to identify...
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Which One Are You, A Radiator Or Drain?

  We all know certain people who light up any room they enter. At the same time, we all know people who have the exact opposite effect. Let's call these two types of people Radiators and Drains.

Two Types

The Radiators emit warmth and help you feel safe, energised and secure. They...
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Don’t Do Something. Just Stand There!

First, a visit to the stock market. If you invest in shares you've probably got some solid gold success stories to brag about. You've no doubt some horror stories as well; gory tales that you'd rather forget. Rather than trust their own amateur knowledge, many people pay fund managers...
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“Gotta Have Faith . . .”

  "Gotta have faith . . ." sang the much missed George Michael, back in 1987, which was a cracking year for pop music by the way. If you're starting anything new this term, a new job, a new role or a new project, you may now and again...
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Upping The Ante

We have enough pressure in our lives; at work, at home and often at play too. Most of the articles I write are aimed at managing that pressure and so reducing stress. In this article though I'm going to suggest adding some pressure in order to reduce stress....
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One Oil Barrel At A Time

Sometimes a task is so large and daunting that you feel like you need a run up before you begin to tackle it. You pause before you start your run up and take a handful of deep breaths. Too often that pause lasts longer than it should....
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Three Frogs On A Log

  There were once three frogs sitting on a log by a pond.   It was a very hot day so one of the frogs decided to jump off the log and cool down in the pond.   So here's the question - how many frogs were left sitting on the log?         Scroll...
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