I Coach Senior Leaders In Schools.

Together we find ways for you to embrace the professional and emotional challenges of school leadership.

You undoubtedly have an array of challenges clamouring for your attention. Coaching can give you:

• the clarity and focus to deal effectively with these issues
• the confidence to lead your team through them
• the ability to consistently motivate yourself and your staff.

As a senior leader you may also experience from time to time a certain solitude, doubt in your ability or the feeling of overwhelm at the sheer scale of the job. Working with me as your coach you can overcome these obstacles and:

• learn how to create the productive working relationships successful schools need
• adopt a range of strategies to ‘survive and thrive’ at work
• develop into the confident and effective leader you aspire to be

Coaching SLT Days

Every school wants the Senior Leadership Team to be firing on all cylinders.

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Challenge Of Headship

The Challenge of Headship is a comprehensive and immersive coaching package.

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Interview Success

There are many reasons you may want one of your teachers to shine at interview.

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How Does It Work?

We work together, one to one, focusing on your specific needs.

• Some school leaders use the sessions as a time to think aloud and re-establish focus.
• Some school leaders use the sessions to try out new ways of thinking and doing things as their role evolves
• Some school leaders prefer to work out more personal issues in confidence

Take a look here at some of the case studies to get a clearer understanding about how your contemporaries have benefited from coaching.

"Working with Iain has provided me with space and time to think things through away from school. I’ve been able to reflect on current issues in detail and consider different approaches for dealing with them."
Lynne Gavin, Headteacher, Pakeman Primary, National Primary School of The Year 2013

What Happens In A Session?

Depending on what your agenda for the session is I will listen to you, challenge you, teach you, reflect you, unpick you or coach you. Different clients view me as different things; a sounding board, advisor, mentor, NLP practitioner or coach – usually a combination. I have a proven track-record of helping my clients achieve their desired results since 2007.

How Often Should I Have Coaching?

Coaching works best as an accumulative process. Sessions often build on the success of the previous one and create an ever improving cycle for:

• achieving and setting new goals
• learning, reflecting and consolidating new skills or perspectives
• planning and refining new strategies

Most clients invest in a regular monthly session, allowing them to benefit from a regular scheduled appointment. Some clients make a regular half termly appointment, and some clients prefer to buy a set coaching package of four or six sessions and whip through them in a half term.

Every client has unique requirements and I can tailor a coaching package to your specific needs. To book your coaching package or to find out more email or call on 07515 985935.


It is most likely that I will visit you at your school. Most schools I work with book sessions for a number of their SLT. We find a quiet place and schedule sessions through the day.

If you are interested in providing coaching for members of your SLT please see Coaching SLT Days for further details.

If the distances are too great then we’ll conduct our sessions over the phone. This may sound odd at first but I can assure you it works just as effectively as face to face coaching. I have telephone clients across the UK and abroad.

For individuals looking for private coaching we meet at my office in Redhill, Surrey. This prevents interruptions, allowing you to really get your head ‘out of the office’ and focus. I run 2 hour morning or afternoon sessions with Headteachers who use the journey to and from my office for reflection and consolidation.

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