Coaching SLT Days

Every school wants their Senior Leadership Team to be firing on all cylinders.

Investing in scheduled SLT Coaching Days ensures that the headteacher and senior school leaders benefit from regular support and development opportunities. Offering regular personal coaching is a tangible way of showing your team that they are valued and supported in their role.

For a Coaching SLT day I visit your school and separately coach up to 4 members of your SLT. Typically a day runs like this:

Staff MemberTime
HT9.30am – 11.00am
SLT 111.15 noon – 12.15pm
SLT 212.45pm – 1.45pm
SLT 32pm – 3pm

The only requirements are

• a quiet room
• guaranteed peace for the duration of the session

“Iain gave me coaching that was totally personal . . . I would thoroughly recommend coaching with Iain, it will change your perspective and it will make a difference.”
- Anne Sears, Assistant Head Teacher

Want To Book Coaching For Your SLT?

To book coaching for your Senior Leadership Team contact Iain on 07515 985935 or by email here

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