Creating A Coaching Ethos

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A coaching mentality encourages solution focused thinking to become automatic. When faced with a challenge your staff members will immediately begin by asking themselves what they want the next step to be, rather than focusing on what’s not currently working.

Adopting a coaching approach is also a great way to help the young people in your charge find their purpose, direction and confidence. Coaching is a fantastic empowering tool that can change ‘tomorrow’s adults’ lives!

My Coaching INSET is a full day of interactive training and covers:

  • What coaching is, what it isn’t and when best to use it
  • Delivery of a group coaching session – this allows your staff first hand experience of coaching, and illustrates what a session of dedicated coaching can achieve.
  • What the fundamentals of coaching are and the skills required e.g. rapport building, active listening and solution focused questioning
  • The GROW model of coaching – an easy to use process that teachers can employ effectively to coach each other, their students or themselves
  • Exploration of Values and how they affect behaviour and actions
  • Understanding the power and impact of Beliefs on achieving goals
  • Q and A – to address the questions that teachers invariably have about coaching
  • Goal setting tools and when to use them

The Benefits

Your staff will be able to:

  • Really understand what coaching is and its practical application
  • Align their own professional objectives with the goals of your school
  • Effect rapid change in levels of accountability and performance, on a personal and departmental level
  • Recognise the difference between directive and coaching approaches and identify when to implement either, with greater effectiveness

Further Information

When you train your staff in coaching skills you will notice straight away how it enhances their abilities at work. Whether it is by supporting change and conflict management within your organisation, improving leadership, work/life balance, career management or team building, coaching is a fantastic skill that complements all of these areas.

Want To Book This INSET?

To book this INSET call Iain on 07515 985935 or email me here. INSET days are limited so call now to ensure availability.

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