Make Everything OK

It’s nearly the end of the year. Did you get everything you wanted to done this year? Is your ‘done list’ bigger than your ‘to do list’? Or are you still feeling that you’re chasing your tail and feeling frustrated?

Just Stop

Take a minute out of your year and simply stop for 60 seconds. OK, so you might not have achieved everything you set out to do in January 2011, but that doesn’t mean you need to wallow or get cross with yourself. Lift your head up and look around at your world in a different way. You’re still doing OK. In fact by looking at things a little more closely you might even come to the conclusion that you’re doing better than most people have ever done. That’s most people throughout history by the way! Seriously.

Better Than The Pharoahs

Although they ruled over thousands of subjects for thousands of years the mighty Kings of Egypt still never lived life as well as you can. They never experienced the wind in their hair from driving at more than 40 miles an hour down a leafy country lane. I doubt their chariots had a top speed of over 25mph. And even as you look upon their works and despair in wonder at the awesome temples and statues, just bear in mind that they never had the ability to hop on a plane for a long weekend in Amsterdam or Nice. Or enjoy the view from a building that rises more than 100 stories high. Or flicked a switch to bring forth light. Or enjoyed the splendour of a David Attenborough documentary on a stupidly big HD telly. Or were able to have their children immunised from Tetanus, Measles or Rubella. Or get a flu jab themselves. Or pick and choose at whim, maybe without even realizing, to have a French breakfast, Italian lunch and Indian for dinner.

What a poor life these sad individuals must have endured. In comparison to you at least.

Looking At It This Way

Perspective is an amazing thing – how something appears just depends on how you approach it. And if that’s still not working for you then simply head over to this website where, with one click of one button, you can make everything OK. Happy New Year!

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