Stress and Resilience For Teachers

Depositphotos_7626676_original1At the end of a long day, week or term teachers are very often left feeling absolutely shattered. This course looks at what you can do to prevent becoming overwhelmed and what to do if you are already at breaking point. Taking a fresh look at time-tested physical strategies and introducing a raft of little known, but highly effective psychological fillips, this half day will increase your ‘bouncebackability’ tenfold.

At the end of this INSET you will:

• Understand the importance of looking after number one
• Have your own personal daily resilience plan
• Know how to create a recurring positive focus
• Ensure that you can mentally ‘switch off’
• Have a ready made response to regular stressful situations

This INSET will help you to effectively deal with pressure of school life and reduce the stress many teachers experience.

Who Should Attend?
• Teachers who are feeling pressured and want to avoid becoming stressed
• Teachers who want to regain their sense of balance
• Teachers who want to support colleagues who are struggling with work pressure

Teachers face pressure from many different sources and too often this pressure leads to stress. Recognising and dealing with pressure is vital for teachers if they want to avoid the negative effects of stress.
This course will show you how this can be achieved through self-awareness and management techniques. It will also give you a clear understanding of the benefits of resilience and strategies to achieve long term well-being.

You will:
• Clarify the difference between pressure and stress
• Identify and reflect on key stress factors
• Understand characteristics and activities that support resilience
• Understand the impact and influence of your own personality
• Leave with real world strategies to help you reduce stress and increase your resilience

Want To Book This INSET?

To book this INSET call Iain on 07515 985935 or email me here. INSET days are limited so call now to ensure availability.

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