I just wanted to say a very big thank you for our session yesterday. I have put my whole life into 4 quadrants and I now feel energised and so much clearer in my head!! I have had several quadrant 1 things to deal with today, but once I have dealt with them, I have gone straight back to my 2a job, which was massive, but, because I have stayed focussed and ‘on plan’ I have started and finished it today. (A few more days of this and I think I could be looking at a whole night’s sleep!)

Jane Burgess, SENCO 20th November 2015

“The fact that the examples were tailored to meet my particular circumstances so were highly relevant and useful for me.”

Jason Oster, Essex County Council 4th September 2015

I really liked the 'plectrum of gratitude' and STARR. And the reminders to thank and be grateful. The most useful thing was blocking out how I spend my time on the grid.

Catherine Lawrence, Early Years Teacher 21st January 2016

"Appropriate for all ages and experiences. Good pace. Relaxed format."

Matt Nott, Assistant Head 29th September 2015

"Good ideas to help manage time"

Michelle Brown, Teacher 7th September 2015

"Lots of new ideas in behaviour management. Well delivered"

Deirdre Brannigan, Assistant Head 17th September 2015

"I liked thinking about a difficulty but with guided questions to help solve / work out strategies for a positive outcome.  Also having time to share ideas with the table."

Jill Pyper, Teacher 28th September 2015

I really liked the delivery of the course and the varied approaches to dealing with stress that suit people differently

Laura Smith, Class Teacher 24th February 2016

"What did I like about the course? Coaching us as individual about personal goals in school and helping to break it down into small steps to achieve it."

Helen Peters, NQT Year 3 Teacher 28th September 2015

“Absolutely delighted with the service we received. My coaching sessions have been an absolute revelation. The coaching, which I have to admit I was pretty sceptical about at first, drew out of me the skills and talents that I knew I had, and unblocked the concerns that were stopping me from going forward. I’ve been able to find clarity in my purpose and create simple and practical strategies to translate my vision into reality.”

Abi Hunter Smith 7th September 2015

All very practical and useful. I really liked one visual sheet instead of tiny power point slide copies. I shall pin it up somewhere where it is a daily reminder. Thank you.

Debbie Bleach, Teacher 24th February 2016

Useful tips that feel very 'do-able' in terms of applying them to my life. The most useful thing was modelled coaching questions and everyday examples. And NOT having too much paper to take away

Chloe Myers, Yr 2 Teacher 21st January 2016

"Useful, practical suggestions."

Geraldine Gallagher, Teacher, Earlswood Federation of Schools 29th September 2015

“Iain’s planned sessions were a complete revelation to me. How refreshing to be able to set real time aside to deal with things that mattered to me in order to achieve a better and more balanced approach to everyday situations.”

Alex Gear, Headmaster 4th September 2015

Thought provoking ideas. The most useful thing was putting ideas into practice

Louise Crouch, Senior Teacher 24th February 2016

"At first I was slightly sceptical about how life coaching could help me, and was surprised at how useful I found the session. It helped me to focus on realistic targets and feel positive about my ability to achieve them. I found since taking part in the session I can think more strategically about the challenges I face, finding multiple possible routes to achieving my goals and subsequently feeling calmer about the journey. By the end of the session I felt a certain sense of achievement as Iain helped me to search within myself for solutions, building on the skills and knowledge I already had and reviving confidence in my problem solving ability."

Rosemary H, Imperial College 7th September 2015

I really like that it was short and sharp. I still use the strategies from last session.

N. McDonald, Class Teacher 24th February 2016

I liked the presentation of the ideas and how they were linked to teaching. The most useful thing was looking at how I spend my time and thinking about changes

Louise Purchase, Class Teacher 21st January 2016

"Lots of strategies."

Steph MacMillan, PE Teacher, Doran House, Twickenham 29th September 2015

"It not only gave me the chance to think about behavioural management for my class but it gave me the chance to think about my own behaviour."

Amy Johnson, Class Teacher 7th September 2015

"I liked the 'feel good' nature. How to make a big impact with small items in life."

Tom Doran, Head of Faculty 29th September 2015

I really liked the meaning of B. Gunar Edeg RAF (B) to inform learning and facilitating a session! The most useful things were learning about group work, listening from each other, the acronyms and the props.

Sophia Brobbey, Family Engagement Officer 7th September 2017

"I liked the methods for prioritising, using MADE to save time, dealing with emails more effectively. There was adequate time to embed ideas. Visual aids were superb. The whole day was relevant and extremely helpful. Thank you.”

Debora Bleach, Class Teacher 17th September 2015

"Lots of ideas how to deal with difficult parents."

Noreen Nawaz, Class Teacher 29th September 2015

Very visual and engaging

Zehra Byrne, Teacher 29th January 2016

"I liked the strategies to support time management"

S. Robinson, Assistant Head and Senco 7th September 2015

I really liked gaining an understanding of my colleagues

Debbie Rawling, TA 21st January 2016

This was a very good refresher on coaching and has embedded what I learnt from your input last year. Coaching will be very useful in my role.

Ruth Outhwaite, SENCO 28th September 2015

"Well presented - some useful ideas to take away"

Lucie Marshall, Year 1 Teacher 7th September 2015

“I have learnt and understood that I cannot control other people's feelings and points of view and therefore they may always have a slight effect on me in terms of how I view myself and my effectiveness.”

Claire Page, Secondary PE 7th September 2015

I really liked how the course was delivered with good suggestions and opportunity to put the ideas into practice

Lianne Smith, Class Teacher 24th February 2016

"I like the STARR model and that it reminds us how to respond to certain incidents. It was well explained with many examples and demonstrations."

Betty, TA 7th September 2015

"Beyond expectations! Lots of thinking points and just what I needed after a parental complaint today!”

Anne Gibbard, Assistant Headteacher 7th September 2015

"Clear and well presented. Positive strategies - useful."

Katie Humpage, English Teacher 29th September 2015

I really liked the reflection of Time Management diary

Louise Layer, Maths Leader and Teacher 21st January 2016

“Clear, simple and effective ideas. Will try to prioritise tasks and time more effectively. Very enjoyable and informative.”

Geraldine Lunn, Class Teacher 17th September 2015

I enjoyed working through an area I wish to improve with the careful questioning. It made it far easier to focus on the issue and to find time to decide for myself on possible solutions or a route to a solution"

Jackie McKechnie, St Johns Primary, Caterham 28th September 2015

I really like the practical applications - the frogs, fish & chips. The most useful thing was the list to take away and remind myself.

Georgia Davis, Trainee Teacher 29th January 2016

"I liked the relevance of the material covered. It was very helpful enabling you to deal with issues in your school."

Katy Royce, Class Teacher 29th September 2015

"Strategies given were really useful and practical."

Marianne Eddington, Head of Infant School 29th September 2015

I really liked the idea of starting the day sharing a joy and ending with gratitude. Thank you Iain

Samanthan Willis, Executive Deputy Headteacher 24th February 2016

I really liked the idea of remembering to be grateful for what you have and to share a joy

Sarah Clarke, Reception Teacher 21st January 2016

The most useful thing was looking and thinking about time management matrix and the exercise about what I can and cannot control

Louisa Woodhouse, Teacher 21st January 2016

"Concise and practical, no obvious theory dump!"

Andy Beswick, Class Teacher 8th September 2015

"The coaching group session was very effective"

Emily Ward, Year 1 Class Teacher 28th September 2015

"Well presented with humour. Relaxed atmosphere meant good group discussions"

S. Brown, Teacher 7th September 2015

"I liked the short chunks. Kept the pace going. And the plectrum!"

Luke Clark, NQT 29th September 2015

All the different ideas - very easy to implement into my everyday life

Hayley Bart-Williams, Drama Teacher 29th January 2016

“The leadership team gained a lot from your session about coaching in the appraisal process and we have often reflected on key points. As a head teacher I can see the benefits of developing a coaching culture in school and would certainly ask you to work with us again in the future.”

Liz Wombwell, Headteacher 4th September 2015

"Good realistic advice. Offers real examples that can be applied to a range of situations."

Laura Beirne, Yr 6 Teacher 29th September 2015

"Good refocusing tool. Strategies and structures for dealing with parents."

Sam Rowan, Student Teacher 29th September 2015

Very good tips to improve my work life and my personal life.

Gulistan Kaya O'Leary 8th December 2016

A few lightbulb moments!

Mike Whittam 8th December 2016

The most useful thing was thinking about what control I have over important things

Paul McIntosh, Class Teacher 21st January 2016

I really liked the straightforward nature of how it was presented

David Chadwick, Lead Practitioner 29th January 2016

“Iain’s approach is gentle but challenging. He made us think.”

Sue Winterton, Executive Headteacher 4th September 2015

"I left the session with 3 workable targets, each with a clear course of when and how I needed to put them in practice. I was astonished that I was the one that came up with solutions to a problem that I didn’t originally think was possible to solve!! Thank you Iain"

Alex Wainhouse, Head of History 14th August 2015

I really liked the 'share a positive' to take you back to that place. To appreciate others, knowing how a thank you can change everybody's day

Nathan Jones, KS1 Teacher 24th February 2016

"Useful and can be used in day to day contact with parents. Well delivered and very useful."

Amy Russell, Teacher 29th September 2015

"Time allowed for discussion. Relaxed style of presenter. His understanding of what a teacher's life is like meant he could relate to our circumstances."

L. Boyd, English Teacher & HS Leader 7th September 2015

“Many thanks for coming in last night for our twilight session – I hope the traffic home wasn’t too bad. You clearly did your research using Robert Aske in your presentation . . . I think staff are already keen to share good practice on the ideas mentioned.”

Gayle Mellor, Deputy Headteacher 4th September 2015

I really liked changing attitude - rather than external factors

Vicki Lightfoot, Teacher 21st January 2016

The most useful thing was "Stop, Start, Less, More"

Denise Staff, HLTA 21st January 2016

“Thought provoking with many good and practical ideas which I can use in all areas of my life. Thank you!”

Louise Crouch, Teacher Senior Leader 17th September 2015

"Following our really interesting training, I've changed my way of working - changing from having 42k emails in my inbox, to be being empty. Iain made the training really enjoyable and everyday I have to remind myself to, 'eat the frog' and get the job I least want to do, done first! Every job now fits into a different quadrant!"

Andrew Wood, Assistant Head 8th September 2015

"Lots of ideas applicable to all classroom environments. I liked having time to focus on one aspect to improve."

Rhianne Burrell, Teacher 28th September 2015

"I liked the context and use of real examples. Positive ideas and strategies to manage challenging situations."

Harrie, Asst Headteacher 29th September 2015

"I really enjoyed this session"

Debbi Oliver, Teacher, St John's Primary, Caterham 28th September 2015

"Gave me time to think during the coaching session"

Chelsea Bray, Teacher 28th September 2015

"I liked all the different methods and strategies we can use and I will definitely use them."

Nikki, Teaching Assistant 7th September 2015

"Fab ideas to be more organised and effective. A great boost to the start of term."

Lisa Barratt, Business Manager 7th September 2015

"I liked the humour and the many ideas"

Juliette Meagher, Class Teacher 7th September 2015

"It's amazing how often things you said pop into my mind. Today it was 'just because you experience failure doesn't make you one.' Valuable learning."

Vanessa Naylor 7th September 2015

"Very engaging and relevant. Will be able to use."

Katie Miles, Yr 5 Teacher 29th September 2015

"Lots of food for thought. Setting out a positive mind frame ready for start of term."

Vanessa Dimmock, Writing Leader 28th September 2015

"It was very interesting and informative. I liked the visual tools. It gave me more tips to improve my teaching."

Lauren Haynes, Teacher 7th September 2015

"Thank you so much for visiting Holy Cross Prep today. At the beginning of every term the volume of work and amount we have to deal with seems overwhelming, however I felt empowered after the half day session! It seems so obvious when someone like yourself rationalises everything. I think all your advice and experience will help the staff. A professional who states black and white common sense suggestions without bias. Someone who understands the stress of others (through experience) is a breath of fresh air! I feel sane for the start of term. Thanks"

Kim Williams, Deputy Headteacher 4th September 2015

"Fun, interactive, relevant to our jobs"

Georgia Watts, Year 1 Teacher 7th September 2015

You made things feel realistic. Taking time out to listen to others and knowing it is 'normal' to feel the pressures of everyday happenings

Wiki Chilvers, Teacher 21st January 2016

"I really liked the 'bang' used to start and end training and the most useful thing was the outline structure."

Belinda Atkinson Family Engagement Officer 7th September 2017

I really like the idea of the plectrum of gratitude - just not sure where to keep it! Thank you notes.

Elaine Heckingbottom, Teacher 24th February 2016

I really liked the practical ideas and links to other tasks. I enjoyed all the elements as a whole especially email and time to think

Craig Wood, Deputy Headteacher 21st January 2016

The most useful thing was understanding different perceptions

Deanna Smith, HLTA 21st January 2016

"Very beneficial. Made me think about my behaviour and attitude. Loved the course and the tutor's enthusiasm."

Carole Cole, Nursery Nurse 7th September 2015

"I liked the interaction with participants - not just talking at us. Made me think my to do list is not that worrying"

Tess Brewster, Teacher 7th September 2015

“I found every session I had with Iain extremely useful, he is an excellent sounding board and you feel more self aware and confident in your actions as a leader just from talking through things with him. He is great at listening to what you have to say and then cutting right to the heart of what you mean by asking the right questions, forcing you to reflect properly. His interview advice and coaching was fun but most importantly effective.”

Gareth Parker, Assistant Headteacher 4th September 2015

I really liked the discussions - sharing viewpoints. The most useful thing was learning to share a joy each day and noting down worries

Katy Davies, TA 21st January 2016

"Very useful tips were given, that can be easily incorporated into the lessons. I will be using this in my lessons."

Mandy Garbutt, Class Teacher 7th September 2015

"I liked the pace and content and the balance of interaction / listening. Great for NQTs through to people who have been in the profession for a long time. Advice given was too true!"

Nicola Candy, Teacher 29th September 2015

“Iain has the talent to help you find the core of matters in no time. Combine this with his NLP skills and you have the opportunity to experience yourself on a whole new level.”

Tom Van de Hausen, Belgium (via Skype) 7th September 2015

"I would like to say that your coaching has been of great benefit to me. My experience has been very positive and a real eye opener to me. It has helped me to see a lot of things so much clearer than previously. It has already helped me to overcome obstacles at work and also some personal ones as well. Any one who is thinking of coaching but feels unsure about it I would say go for it!!! I'm now looking forward to the future with open eyes!"

Susan Miles 7th September 2015

Fantastic, thought provoking. The most useful thing was outlining the structure. I really liked the feel, felt, found and engaging difficult people.

Clare Metcalf, Family Support Worker 7th September 2017

"I liked the balance between talk, interaction and self reflection. Really enjoyed this. Thank you."

Peter Alden, Senior Leader 28th September 2015

"Iain and I worked through the issue in question which was helpful. Even more helpful was that we worked through my approach to issues which means that I can now address them much better on my own."

Richard Heron 7th September 2015

"I liked the relaxed nature"

Nikki Beasley, Class Teacher 7th September 2015

"I liked the skills and ideas for class behaviour management. Everything has been broken down well."

Esther Park, Year 1 Teacher 7th September 2015

April 2015 Leave a Comment
“Lively, informative. Easy to understand and engaging.”

N. Macdonald, Class Teacher 17th September 2015

"The course allowed staff to self evaluate, for example identifying triggers in themselves"

Karen Griffin, Assistant Headteacher 7th September 2015

I really liked the email advice. The quick pace, useful moving on quick, lots of content

Catherine Lawrence, Teacher 21st January 2016

The most useful thing was demos of delivery - links to our own examples - own the room - no one else knows what should be taught. Practical learning and group work.

Gemma Sidaway, SEN Family Support Worker 7th September 2017