The One Thing

In my Time Management course, I share a metric tonne of ideas that save time through:

  • improved communication
  • effective prioritisation
  • enhanced organisation
  • refined processes

Near the end, I'll often ask the attendees to reflect on the different tips, tricks and techniques we've covered.

I challenge them to identify the one thing we've covered that would make the biggest difference to their working lives. And then I ask them when they are going to implement it.

And that's what I want you to consider today. What is it that you are not currently doing that if you put into action, would make all the difference?

Truth Hurts

Most of the time we already know what it is. It's just that we're not doing it.

Too often the reason we're not doing the thing is because it:

  • is too mundane
  • takes too long
  • is hard
  • is uncomfortable
  • takes ages to have impact
  • is boring
  • is difficult
  • is beneath you
  • is scary

Keep It Confidential

So what's the thing that you're not doing? You'll no doubt know what it is. And you'll no doubt know why you're not doing it.

Take time over the next couple of days to really consider the benefits you would reap from implementing it.

You don't need to share what it is with me or anyone else. But when you've decided what it is then you've got the second question to consider:

When are you going to start doing it?

And that seems to be a much harder question to answer!

Iain's training courses help your staff to work more efficiently and productively by improving time management skills and reducing their stress levels. All of the ideas in the courses are simple to understand, easy to implement and proven to be effective. 

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