Your next INSET needs to have real impact and make a lasting, tangible difference to your staff. All of my courses are full and half day INSETs that will inspire your staff to thrive as teachers, grow as leaders and enable them to last the distance in Education. Traditional teacher training prepares teachers for the classroom. As you know only too well, this is a much smaller part of the teaching experience these days. Teachers need to quickly learn and know:
  • how best to manage their time
  • how to handle pressure and avoid becoming stressed
  • how to coach themselves and others
  • how to deal with difficult parents
These skills are vital if they are going to thrive and avoid burning out. The INSETs I offer focus on the evergreen areas that underpin the success of great teachers; skill sets and ways of thinking that don't change with every general election. I provide the knowledge, skills and understanding, combined with my own real experiences as a teacher, plus the accumulated experience I have gained from coaching and training teachers since 2007. Have a look at the three INSETs I've highlighted below: Stress, Behaviour and Time Management.


Your day to day success as a teacher depends enormously on your approach to work. A positive mindset can be the difference between enjoying a long, successful career and burning out as early as a next week

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Teaching can be exhausting. Managing and conserving your energy is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you last the distance. There are many ways to manage your energy effectively

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Effective Time Management is a key skill for every teacher at every level in every school. Whether it is controlling the mountains of paperwork, dealing effectively with interruptions or using email so that it is actually a help rather than a hindrance
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Money Back Guarantee!

moneyback guaranteeI offer a full money back guarantee on all my INSETs! Have you ever booked an INSET that promised the earth but left you feeling cold? I'm determined never to be that person. That's why I offer a no quibble guarantee. If your staff are not delighted with the INSET I deliver then let me know.* If you're not satisfied, then I'm not satisfied. The feedback I get from staff is uniformly excellent. I say this not to blow my own trumpet but to put you at ease before you book me for your next INSET. What have you got to lose? *When we've finished the training just let me know. To be honest I'm not really sure about the actual process of this part because, from 2007 when I set up Iain Smith Coaching up to the present day, all my clients have given great feedback and so far (fingers crossed!) no-one has ever felt the need to ask for a refund.

What Teachers Say About My INSETs

"Thank you so much for visiting Holy Cross Prep today. At the beginning of every term the volume of work and amount we have to deal with seems overwhelming, however I felt empowered after the half day session! It seems so obvious when someone like yourself rationalises everything. I think all your advice and experience will help the staff. A professional who states black and white common sense suggestions without bias. Someone who understands the stress of others (through experience) is a breath of fresh air! I feel sane for the start of term. Thanks"

Kim Williams, Deputy Headteacher 4th September 2015

"Concise and practical, no obvious theory dump!"

Andy Beswick, Class Teacher 8th September 2015

"Very beneficial. Made me think about my behaviour and attitude. Loved the course and the tutor's enthusiasm."

Carole Cole, Nursery Nurse 7th September 2015

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