Dealing With Difficult Parents

The parents of the pupils at your school are mostly wonderful people; a fantastic support, a helpful resource and a credit to their children.

The key word though is 'mostly.' Some parents can, at times be, what you might diplomatically call, 'difficult.'



What Is It?

Dealing With Difficult Parents is a half day INSET designed specifically to help you manage those unfortunate occasions when parents overstep the mark.

  • Sometimes parents feel the urge to share their opinions about you, your staff and the way you work, in a form that isn't solution focused.
  • Sometimes parents fail to recognise the appropriate boundaries of your educational establishment.
  • Sometimes parents forget to reciprocate the respect you and your staff offer to them.
  • Sometimes parents can be downright rude, abusive and threatening.

When situations like this arise you and your staff need to know what to do about it. And you need to know in a hurry. You also need to know how to manage the emotional fall out that can carry over and have a continuing impact, long after an event.

What Do We Cover?

Dealing With Difficult Parents has two main areas of focus:

  1. What to actually do and say (and what not to do and say!) when a difficult situation arises. To defuse and calm an aggressive or unpleasant confrontation.
  2. How to reduce the residual emotional impact of a confrontation. Even if you say and do the right things, a challenging event can really knock you for six and stay with you for weeks or even months afterwards.

We look at

  • Why parents might have differing views
  • Why you shouldn't try to 'win' an argument with an angry parent
  • Different physical tactics you can use to defuse a tense situation
  • Useful phrases you can say to calm people
  • How to become confident using them (yes, that means role play)
  • How to depersonalise the situation
  • How to prevent it 'getting to you'
  • How to deal with the emotional turmoil if it does get to you

Who Should Attend?

All staff. Teachers, TAs and support staff. It's usually the office staff that bear the brunt of disgruntled parents - they're often first in line.

Want To Book This INSET?

To book this INSET simply call Iain on 07515 985935 or email me here. INSET days are limited so call now to ensure availability.

Note: This is not a course about self defence or what to do in an explicitly violent situation. If you are physically threatened by anyone at anytime in anyplace you should call the police. You're a teacher not a martyr.

What Do People Say About This INSET?

"Beyond expectations. Lots of thinking points and just what I needed after a parental complaint today." - A.Gibbard, AHT

"Very useful. Gives you different ideas about how to approach difficult situations." - C.Moyston, TA

"Great for NQTs through to people who have been in the profession for a long time. Advice given was too true!" - N.Candy, Teacher

"Gave some excellent strategies. Gave the opportunity to reflect on current practice and ways to improve." - J.Burgess, Senco

"I liked the context and use of real examples" - H.Westwater, AHT

"I would recommend this course to others. I liked the pace, relevance to what is needed, support, understanding and empathy shown" - J. Billings, Teacher

"Covered all that was required for all ages and experiences. Good pace, relaxed format, effective." - M.Nott, AHT

"Strategies that were given were really useful and practical" - M.Eddington, Headteacher

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