Time Management For Teachers

iStock_000022200278SmallEffective Time Management is a key skill for every teacher at every level in every school.

Whether it’s controlling the mountains of paperwork, dealing effectively with interruptions or using email so that it is actually a help rather than a hindrance, there are many areas of Time Management that can make or break a successful teacher.

Your Time Management can be the difference between flowing and frazzled, in charge or out of control.

My Time Management For Teachers course can help you and your staff become better organised, more effective, more efficient and more productive. It will also allow you to feel more confident and relaxed about what you have to do.

The Content

At the end of this INSET you will be able to

  • Prioritise effectively to focus on key issues
  • Use a simple and elegant model of communication that will help you to convey anything you need to tell or ask others clearly, quickly and the way they want to hear it.
  • Schedule priorities effectively
  • Ensure that you never lose another piece of paper again – ever!
  • Delegate effectively and learn seven different ways to say” no”
  • Learn how to have an empty email inbox – every day!
  • Speed up your work so that you create a better work life balance

During the training day you will also meet an Italian economist and a German military officer who together will improve your output exponentially. You’ll also learn why eating frogs for breakfast gives you the best start to a morning and ensures you have a great day ahead!

Want To Book This Inset?

To book this INSET call Iain on 07515 985935 or email me here. INSET days are limited so call now to ensure availability.

What Do Teachers Say About This Course?

“It was a very successful afternoon. Yesterday there was a buzz in the air and staff constantly referred to the practical measures that they had put in place; desks were clear; conversations short; our stand-up SLT meeting was swift (we all gained fifteen minutes from one meeting); many people realized they had measles and took to filing and being more organised; we’ve all eaten many frogs; emails were brief apart from a very long winded one which came from a member of staff who felt she was a good time manager and didn’t attend. The key point of interest seems to be is that we all have the same 24 hours in a day, how effectively we use it is up to us. Barack Obama is now our role model!”

Sarah Hair, Headteacher 4th September 2015

"Time allowed for discussion. Relaxed style of presenter. His understanding of what a teacher's life is like meant he could relate to our circumstances."

L. Boyd, English Teacher & HS Leader 7th September 2015

"Fab ideas to be more organised and effective. A great boost to the start of term."

Lisa Barratt, Business Manager 7th September 2015

"I liked the interaction with participants - not just talking at us. Made me think my to do list is not that worrying"

Tess Brewster, Teacher 7th September 2015

"Following our really interesting training, I've changed my way of working - changing from having 42k emails in my inbox, to be being empty. Iain made the training really enjoyable and everyday I have to remind myself to, 'eat the frog' and get the job I least want to do, done first! Every job now fits into a different quadrant!"

Andrew Wood, Assistant Head 8th September 2015

"Fun, interactive, relevant to our jobs"

Georgia Watts, Year 1 Teacher 7th September 2015

"I liked the discussions and sharing of ideas. The interaction with us. Makes you think about real priorities."

Becky Shields, Teacher 7th September 2015

"Well presented - some useful ideas to take away"

Lucie Marshall, Year 1 Teacher 7th September 2015

"I liked the techniques and tips"

Amy Kinley, Teacher 7th September 2015

"I liked the humour and the many ideas"

Juliette Meagher, Class Teacher 7th September 2015

"I liked the strategies to support time management"

S. Robinson, Assistant Head and Senco 7th September 2015

"Well presented with humour. Relaxed atmosphere meant good group discussions"

S. Brown, Teacher 7th September 2015

"I liked the tips e.g. eat the frog, one touch measles and archiving emails."

Steph Lundey, Finance Assistant 7th September 2015

"Varied and interesting content. Good for NQTs. Loved 'the empty jar'!!"

Jenny Esslemont, HLTA 7th September 2015

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