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For Teachers

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As a busy school leader you need your staff to be motivated and able to make the most of their talents and experience.

COACHING sessions help Heads and SLT manage the different challenges they face and grow into their leadership roles.

I provide school focused INSETs on:



Support For You,

Support For Your Staff

Iain Smith Coaching provides valuable support for you and your school.

I help you to manage your mindset, energy and time, so that you can have a lasting, fulfilling career, and meaningful influence on your pupils and staff.

My one to one COACHING helps busy headteachers and senior leaders think clearly, act decisively and feel empowered.

The INSETs I offer ensure your staff are fully equipped to carry out your vision. Skills like TIME MANAGEMENT FOR TEACHERS underpin the efficiency of EVERY staff member.

Take a look at the INSET pages to see which course would best enable your staff.

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  These are currently the three most popular INSETs I run:

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